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Technical Intern Training Program?

The Technical Intern Training Program for Foreign Nationals was born out of the idea to encourage young people from other countries to study Japanese technology and knowledge and, in turn, make use of it to play a key role in their home countries. Because this program is essential for Japan's international cooperation, it is important to correctly understand and utilize it.

  • Contribution to the economic development of developing countries
  • Structure and workings of the program
  • Acceptance of foreign technical interns
  • Role of the supervising organization

IM Japan is the largest organization that accepts foreign technical interns in Japan.

  • Pioneer of the Technical Intern Training Program, established in 1991
  • Technical interns sent directly by the governments of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka
  • Many branch offices and representative offices at home and abroad
  • Full care and guidance including many staff interpreters