Agreements with Governments of Sending Countries

IM Japan's Technical Intern Training Program

Public Interest Foundation International Manpower Development Organization (abbreviated as IM Japan) is the only supervising organization in Japan that has signed agreements with the governments of the sending countries. IM Japan has signed agreements with the governments of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka concerning the dispatch and acceptance of foreign technical interns. Pursuant to these agreements, IM Japan is cooperating with the foreign technical intern dispatch program led by the governments of these countries.

  • Indonesia

    Indonesia Flag
    1992 Conclusion of agreement
    1993 Visit to Japan of the first trainees
  • Thailand

    Thailand Flag
    1999 Conclusion of agreement
    2000 Visit to Japan of the first trainees
  • Vietnam

    Vietnam Flag
    2005 Conclusion of agreement
    2006 Visit to Japan of the first technical interns
  • Bangladesh

    Bangladesh Flag
    2017 Conclusion of agreement
    Visit to Japan of the first technical interns
  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka Flag
    2017 Conclusion of agreement
    2018 Visit to Japan of the first technical interns

Between IM Japan and the governments of sending countries, in-depth discussions have been being made on the dispatching and accepting of technical interns through mutual visits. Also, IM Japan has set up local representative offices in those countries for contact and collaboration.

Recruitment, Screening and Pre-Entry Training by Governments of Sending Countries

Based on the agreement, the ministry in charge of the sending country selects candidates from among the applicants for the technical intern training. It also conducts the Pre-Entry Training for them to learn about Japanese language, Japanese culture and customs, and working styles. The technical interns that IM Japan accepts are highly regarded by the host companies for their discipline and high motivation that they have acquired in over four months of the Pre-Entry Training.

For information on the selection and the pre-entry training, see the Screening and Training

Support by Sending Countries' Embassies in Japan

Even after the technical interns has entered Japan, their sending country continues to provide various support through their Embassy in Japan, so that the technical intern training can be carried out effectively, and IM Japan is also cooperating in this.

Active participation in the events held by IM Japan.

Representatives of the sending countries, including their Embassy's staff members, are actively participate in the events held by IM Japan, such as the IM Japan Lecture Meeting, the Host Company Conference, the Health and Safety Convention, and the Technical Intern Holiday Gathering.

Employment Support by Sending Countries for Returned Technical Interns

Group job interviews

To help the technical interns who have returned to their home country to utilize and demonstrate the techniques and skills they learned in Japan, the Ministry of Labor of each sending country holds group employment interviews for Japanese companies and local companies.

The association of presidents

In some countries, technical interns who have returned to their home country and started their own business have formed the Association of Presidents. For example, in Indonesia, some returned technical interns launched the Indonesian Association of Trainees and Businessmen (IKAPEKSI). Its members do not forget what they have learned in Japan and are working hard to develop their home countries. Many guests including ministers are participating in the national convention of the Association.