IM Japan's Technical Intern Training Program

Support and Backup for Host Companies

QHow are the technical interns supported at host companies?
AStaff members of IM Japan provide guidance and advice to the host companies and the technical interns. Staff members of IM Japan, who belong to each branch office, are assigned to be in charge of the host companies in that area, and pay regular visits of at least once a month, and occasional visits to them.
QWhat should we do if a problem arises with the technical interns?
AIM Japan is always ready to be contacted and respond whenever problems arise.
The headquarters and each branch office have staff who can speak Indonesian, Thai, Sinhala, Vietnamese, Bengali or Tagalog, and English. When necessary, such staff members will go directly to the host company to communicate with technical interns in their native language.
QIs it possible to help with the paperwork involved in the acceptance of technical interns?
AIM Japan provides support to host companies so that the complicated administrative procedures, such as those for immigration and resident status of technical interns, are carried out accurately and promptly.

Fulfilling Care for Technical Interns (Welfare and Other Services)

QWhat about mental healthcare for technical interns, such as dealing with homesickness?
AConsultations are available through a toll-free number. IM Japan also provides mental healthcare programs, such as Indonesia's Ibuku (my mother), Thailand's Phiichaai Phiisaau (brother and sister), Vietnam's Anhem (brother and sister), Bangladesh's Vai-bon (brother and sister), Sri Lanka's Akka Aiya (brother and sister), Philippines' Kuya Ate (brother and sister). With these programs, technical interns can have consultation in their language.
QIs there any support that helps technical interns obtain license required jobs?
AIM Japan provides support so that technical interns can attend trainings to obtain qualifications specified in the Industrial Safety and Health Act. When technical interns attend trainings conducted by registered training institutions, such as those for the operation of a floor-operated crane and a forklift and the slinging work, IM Japan will dispatch its staff members who can speak technical interns' native language as interpreters to assist them in obtaining such qualifications.
QDoes IM Japan help technical interns to improve their Japanese language proficiency after they have been accepted by host companies?
AIM Japan encourages technical interns to take Japanese Language Proficiency Tests. Also, IM Japan has been assisting them to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, by providing study sessions and distributing useful learning materials.
QWhat about employment support for technical interns after returning to home country?
AWhen technical interns return to their home country, the government is responsible for providing support for employment or business startup for them so that they can make full use of the techniques, skills, and Japanese language capability that they have acquired in Japan. Technical interns who have returned home after acquiring the resident status of Technical Intern Training 3 can enroll in a distance learning program for developing team leaders, which IM Japan has developed jointly with the International Skills and Technology Promotion Foundation (KGS). This will help them to become foremen or entrepreneurs in their home country.
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