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Introducing IM Japan
Business Activities

Acceptance of Foreign Technical Interns

Public Interest Foundation International Manpower Development Organization (abbreviated as IM Japan) is a general supervising organization officially authorized under the Act on Proper Technical Intern Training and Protection of Technical Intern Trainees (Act No. 89 of 2016). It accepts foreign technical interns dispatched directly by the governments of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, and supports and promotes the correct understanding and proper operation of the Technical Intern Training Program for foreign nationals.

Acceptance of foreign technical interns

As Japan's largest organization that accepts foreign technical interns, IM Japan cooperates with the governments of sending countries to deliver a variety of services, including conducting post-entry training and providing support for host companies and technical interns.

For details, please refer to the "IM Japan's Technical Intern Training Program" section on this website.

Promotion and better understanding of the technical intern training program

In order to disseminate the technical intern training program for foreign nationals and promote correct understanding of the program, IM Japan is providing useful information and performing various events for the general public and host companies.


IM Japan invites experts to give lectures and presentations for raising awareness about the technical intern training program. The general public is welcome to attend free of charge.


Embassies in Japan of sending countries hold a "Human Resource Development Seminar" that provides information on the national conditions, customs, and habits of that country.

Research and Support for Companies Wishing to Enter Developing Countries

IM Japan has been providing useful information in a variety of ways and in a timely manner for companies wishing to enter developing countries.

Research and provision of information

Through its representative offices, IM Japan is ready to collect, study and research information that is useful for companies wishing to expand their business into countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Also, IM Japan is providing materials and free consultation regarding overseas expansion.

Overseas investment seminars

These are free seminars sponsored by the embassies in Japan of the countries that have signed agreements with IM Japan, which are held for companies planning for overseas expansion. Some seminars have provided case studies of the companies that have succeeded in overseas expansion by having employed IM Japan's graduate technical interns.

Dispatch of overseas inspection teams

IM Japan has been dispatching inspection teams to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to collect information and exchange opinions with administrative agencies for investment and labor, Japanese industrial parks, and Japanese companies operating in those counties.

Youth Friendship Exchange Program with Developing Countries

IM Japan is implementing the High School Student Friendship Exchange Program with the aim of promoting friendship and international mutual understanding between Japan and developing countries through mutual exchanges between the young peoples of those countries.

After launching the Japan-Indonesia High School Friendship Exchange program in 1994, IM Japan has been inviting high school students from Thailand since 1999, from Vietnam since 2008, and from Bangladesh since 2015 to encourage international exchange among the young generation.

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