Primary Occupations and Industries

IM Japan's Technical Intern Training Program

By considering the needs of sending countries (technical interns' home countries) and accepting (host) companies in Japan, IM Japan is trying to recruit various technical interns based on a wide range of occupations and industries. This allows them to learn the technology, skills and knowledge related to various industrial fields.

Machinery and Metals

Casting, forging, die casting, machining, metal press, iron work, factory sheet metal work, plating, aluminum anodizing, finishing, machine inspection, machine maintenance, electronic equipment assembling, electric equipment assembling, and printed wiring board manufacturing.


Well drilling, building sheet metal work, freezing and air conditioning equipment installation, fixture making, carpentry, frame working, Reinforcing bar construction, scaffolding, building stone construction, tiling, tile roofing, plastering, plumbing, heat insulation, interior finishing, sash setting, waterproofing, concrete pumping, well point dewatering, painting, construction machinery operations, paper and cloth related interior finishing, construction machinery operations, and furnace installation.


Crop farming, and livestock agriculture.

Textile and clothing-related

Spinning operation, weaving operation, dyeing, knit goods manufacturing, tailoring men's suit making, bedclothes making, carpet manufacturing, canvas product making, cloth sewing, and seat product sewing.


Can seaming for canned foods, manufacturing work for heated fishery processed foodstuff, manufacturing work for non-heated fishery processed foodstuff, fish paste making, ham, sausage and bacon making, bread baking, ready-made meal manufacturing, agricultural pickles processing, and meal processing for medical and welfare facilities.


Furniture making, printing, book binding, plastic molding, fiber reinforced plastic molding, painting, welding, industrial packaging, carton box and corrugated cardboard box making, crockery manufacturing, automobile repair and maintenance, building cleaning management, care worker, linen supply, precast concrete manufacturing, accommodation, and rubber product manufacturing.

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